Palm Coast Opening Weekend

May 26th & 27th

Friday May 26th

8pm Show – 7:30pm Seating – See seating for pricing

Saturday May 27th

8pm Show – 7:30pm Seating – See seating for pricing

Cristy B, a Palm Coast local, was the first to bring comedy to Palm Coast and did so for 10 years. She has graced stage from Florida to Tennessee, hosted and opened for legends, and performed on nearly every stage in Florida.

Adam Lowery is a comedian who’s always been fascinated by human behavior. In fact, before he became a comedian, he was a psychologist. He quickly realized that making people laugh was a lot more fun than analyzing their problems. Adam’s comedy is great story telling mixed with real-life analysis of awkward adult situations. From navigating relationships to dealing with the craziness of life, Adam’s wit and humor points out places we’ve all been before, but may not have ever thought about it like he does. He’s known for his ability to take everyday situations and turn them into hilarious, relatable, and sometimes uncomfortable moments. His fans love how he keeps it real, without ever taking himself too seriously. Adam’s comedy has earned him a spot on some of the biggest stages in the industry, including appearances on Joe Rogan’s Podcast and NBCs Money Talk. He has been the voice of ESPN Radio, and just filmed his comedy special “What’s Wrong With Me”. He is also the author of the Cognitive Rampage, a best selling mental health book. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and some real funny talk about relationships, love, life, and awkward situations, be sure to check out Adam Lowery’s next performance. Just be warned – you might learn something about yourself in the process!

Comedian Dean Napolitano is a throwback to the great comedians of yesteryear only with a modern twist that makes him one of the most prevalent comedians working today. A true storyteller with imaginative delivery that makes audiences feel as if they have been through each experience themselves. Born in Long Island New York, Dean  Napolitano first cut his teeth on the comedy scene working for clubs throughout  Florida. Napolitano has been seen on the small screen in a variety of shows on various networks. His TV credits include,  Good Morning America, Three Rivers,  What About Brian (ABC), Heroes (NBC), Las Vegas(NBC), The Shield (FX) Passions (NBC), Ghost Dog (PAX), From the Earth to the Moon (HBO), Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (Nickelodeon), Safe Harbor (Aaron Spelling Productions), Vamps (Victory Productions) and many more. Dean is also a favorite among Hollywood’s elite opening for the likes of Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, and he is on the talent roster of the world famous Messina Baker Entertainment Corporation that represents such Hollywood heavyweights as Drew Carey, and Tim Allen. Dean can now be seen in the action packed film “Triple Nine”, starring Woody Harelson, Kate Winslet and “The Walking Dead”s” Norman Reedus, in theaters  Feb 2016.