The world famous Madcaps Comedy Club now has two locations, New Smyrna Beach and newly opened Palm Coast, FL. We take you back to the classic New York comedy club style. A fast bar, no food, dark room, intimate stage, perfect sound and hilarious comedy. Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm both clubs premiere professional comedy shows. Doors open at 7:15 for VIP and 7:30 for General Admission. Wednesdays in both clubs our notorious open mic shows start at 7:30. Try one of our Signature drinks like the Shark Bite or Snobird Martini, or go VIP and get early entry, seats of your choice, and a bottle of wine. Most of our shows are adult rated R, but sometimes we do have clean comedians. CLICK HERE for tickets.

Owners Adam and Jamie Lowery

Madcaps Comedy Clubs are family owned businesses.

Adam and Jamie are Florida Natives from Orlando, but have always shared the love of a small beach town. Years ago, New Smyrna Beach became home and also where they became a family. Layna is their 7 year old CEO, Star Comic, and Head of Security. Grace and Mya are the Lowery Lady Pups. Recently, both Adam and Jamie’s Mothers now also call NSB home. In 2021 Adam and Jamie had another brainchild. Their second baby, Madcaps Comedy Club in New Smyrna Beach. You see, they also both share a love for business, community and comedy. Adam more so the comedy. Jamie more so the business. But they both love the NSB community. So much so, that they made a plan and took a chance, just like they had done on each other. Together, over the next eight months while still working full time, still being Mom and Dad, daughter and son, and risking nearly all of their savings, they would build their American Dream. Adam, Jamie, and Layna are very proud to call themselves NSB locals, and local business owners. Only a little over a year later Adam and Jamie would open their second location in Palm Coast, Florida.

Take An Inside Look


Andy Arrowood, Palm Coast Manager

Max Mclaughlin, New Smyrna Beach Manager

Amy Stewart, New Smyrna Beach Bartender

Devin Clark, Palm Coast Bartender

Jessie Hathaway, Palm Coast Bartender

Roy Sheppard, New Smyrna Beach, Doorman

Derek McClain, New Smyrna Beach, Doorman


109 N. Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169


160 Cypress Point Pkwy, suite A110 Palm Coast, FL 32164