Rated “Safe For Work” or inbetween squeaky and pretty clean.

Johnny B

A former professional poker dealer, a radio personality, a singer, and a successful stand-up comedian all walk into a bar….and the crowd says “Hey, Johnny B”.

For over 20 years, Johnny Bell has been entertaining comedy crowds around the country with a style that can be considered aggressive, logical, offensive, and level-headed all at the same time. It’s easy to simply get on stage and say controversial things, but Johnny attacks absurd life experiences–especially his own– with a critical eye that finds humor from different angles. He’s a dad, he’s been divorced and he’s dealt cards at the World Series of Poker twice, and all of those perspectives make for hilarious observations on stage that keeps crowds laughing.

When Johnny B isn’t behind the microphone at a comedy club–he’s shared the stage with comedy greats such as Mitch Hedberg and Ralphie May–he’s behind the microphone for terrestrial radio: As the winner of Cox Media’s “Tampa Bay’s Got Talent” search, he can be heard on 102.5 The Bone FM in the Tampa market. He can also be found in his home studio, where his popular “Johnny B Uncensored” podcast nets thousands of listeners each week. But wherever he is, people are definitely listening(and laughing) as his stories, rants and observations make for a unique comedy experience.

Friday April 5th

7pm Show – VIP Seating 6pm – Early Entry 6:15pm – General Seating 6:30pm

Saturday April 6th

7pm Show – VIP Seating 6pm – Early Entry 6:15pm – General Seating 6:30pm

109 N. Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169