America’s Most Hilarious Teacher
Mike Rivera

Mike Rivera is a stand-up comedian, father, and teacher. After decades of award-winning comedy and classroom experience, Rivera won America’s Most Hilarious Teacher on ABC’s The View. He’s been seen on HBO, SHOWTIME, and comedy stages around the world.

A crowd-favorite at teaching conventions, Mr. Rivera delivers “teachable moments” packed with high-energy humor. He can deliver an entire show devoted to teaching.

Mr. Rivera’s toured the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. He rolls through a fast-paced set chock-full of clever observations and quick-witted jokes on everything from fatherhood and teaching to relationships. Whether headlining another club or featuring as a keynote, class is in session when Mr. Rivera takes the stage.

As seen on HBO, Showtime, ABC and named America’s Most Hilarious Teacher brings class in session when he takes the stage with his trademark “teachable moments”. With 3 decades on stage, the quick-witted comedian tears through a fast-paced set that highlights his likable stage persona and clever writing style. It’s no wonder that ABC’s The View named him “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher” in a nationally-televised comedy competition.

Friday Nov 24th

Show 8:00pm – Seating 7:30pm – See seating for pricing

Saturday Nov 25th

Show 8:00pm – Seating 7:30pm – See seating for pricing

109 N. Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169