Zach Bennett

Friday July 29th

8:00pm Show – Seating 7:30pm – See seating for pricing

Saturday July 30th

8:00pm Show – Seating 7:30pm – See seating for pricing

Zach Bennett is a stand-up comedian from Daytona Beach, FL who loves yelling at people for money. Everyone else seems to enjoy it too. Probably because it is enjoyable. Unless you don’t like good things, then chances are you’re not going to enjoy it.

When Zach isn’t touring the country performing, he enjoys the simple pleasures in life—eating, sleeping, and avoiding extended social interactions. He has appeared on The Lowdown with James Yon (Afro TV), The Average Joe Movie Show and is a frequent guest on Real Laughs Radio. He’s performed all over the country, including some major festivals like The Altercation Comedy Festival, Eleven11 Festival, Orlando Indi Comedy Festival, and Sing Out Loud Festival. Zach has had the pleasure of working with some big name comedians, such as Joe DeRosa, Ari Shaffir, Joe List, Dave Ross, Casey James Salengo & more.

So essentially,

TDLR; give Zach money to yell at you and you’ll both be happy you did.